Our company has widely shown its capability as the most reliable and efficient service provider in the car transportation service and this is further emphasized by the fact that we are the number one service provider in the business of packing and moving, and as a company we can fulfil all our clients needs. We do understand that in the shipping business your needs come first with specific importance being put on all your vehicle shipping demands, which will tend to use different transportation methods. We have a fleet of special covered car trailers that are specially designed to be moving cars.

Different varieties of car carriers and other specially designed vehicles like the HCVs for heavy loads, and LCVs for lighter loads, we can also offer other car movers and shipping services with a covered car container being one of them, and over dimension, open car trailers and covered car trailers as some of the most used type of car carrier at the particular time of moving. Each car and shipping service that we offer will ultimately deliver the vehicle or the consignment needed.

With a proven track record and expertise in all car transportation service and the knowledge of each customer�s need, we emerged as the most dominant market player in the packing and moving industry. We continue to offer the most cost effective, personalized car carriers services or car transportation services that provide swift deliveries of cars and other vehicles. Our trailer and trucks that are containerized are some of the services that we deal in with specially designed cars and other vehicle used for the carriage.

We have taken it upon ourselves to outsource for the best and the most reliable means of transport with a dedicated entire fleet is highly designated to the pursuit of being the best and even a more effective and efficient means of transportation all the time. Furthermore, we will offer free advice, some technical assistance and complete supervision all so that we can guarantee a safe delivery of the cars and other consignments.

As a market leader we continue to ensure that everything that needs to be done is fully taken up and all the expertise that we have employed on each and every move that we have been involved in. The most important aspect of any business is customer relation and since the business is largely customer oriented then it will inform each and every move taken in the course of the move. Our customers will often attest to having the best services.

Each of the service providers in the industry continued to heavily invest in new technology that charts the way forward in the business and as market leaders in car movers and shifting services we will take all the necessary steps to be above the rest in the market making sure that all the requirements are met in the process. For movers and packers this is the basis of our service, at our firm all the professionals ensure quick and reliable service delivery.

We Offer reliable Car Transportation to individuals as well as corporate customers to ensure swift, safe and convenient transfer of not only cars but any vehicles from place to another. Car being anyone most prized possession, its complete safety while loading as well as in transit is duly required.

We offer expedited, swift and safe Car Transportation services to every corner of the country. The vehicle is picked up right from the door step of the clients and delivered at the given address. We take complete responsibility of all the vital issues like insurance, custom clearance etc.

The cars are transported by special vehicles like covered car trailers and containerized trucks, specially designed for the safe carriage. Sri Sai Cargo Packers And Movers is a Domestic Packers & Movers to the ever-growing demand for packing and moving of household and industrial goods.

Consignments were getting spoilt due to multiple handling, water seepage during rainy season, etc. Today the company is one of the fastest growing among the leading packers & movers in India. Our operatives have undergone rigorous training to ensure safe loading of all vehicles.

To ensure that vehicles are always delivered to your satisfaction, all vehicles are checked prior to transportation and a damage assessment is completed. Once a vehicle has been successfully delivered, paperwork is signed to confirm safe receipt.

We endeavor to offer competitive rates for all jobs whether short or long distance is incurred. Here are a few pictures of cars that we have transported.

We are using excellent modes of transportation like: small & heavy trucks, tailors, containerized trucks & car carriers. We transport cars, by providing specially covered car trailers, all over India. We offer complete DOOR-TO-DOOR services, be it from one city to another or even from one street to another.


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